How to install WAMP and MAMP

Everyone who uses WordPress should learn how to install WAMP and MAMP.  These are free programs that allow you to install and modify WordPress on your own local computer.  Basically, they run the backend stuff that is required to run WordPress.  The three programs that these run are Apache, MySQL and PHP.   Mac and PC’s do not run these and WordPress require them, so installing these is critical.

Once you have installed these programs, you start them up first.  Then, you access these local site via your browser just like you would online via on an online install.  Once you get you site up and running, you can use one of the many different plugins to migrate it locally to your online server.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install WAMP for PC’s

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up MAMP (Mac)

Hope this helps!

Church WP


Are you creating a new website for your congregation? has all the resources you need to create it quicker and smarter.  As their name implies, they specialize in WordPress church sites.  Their free resource include: covers much more!  They also have cover:

  • A description of the different options for your congregation’s new website.
  • A list of the top church website companies.
  • Articles on social media.
  • Much more!

If you are creating a new website for you church or revamping an existing one, you will definitely want to check out!



WP Beginner


Are you creating a new WordPress website?  You have to check  As their name implies, they have:

  • A glossary of terms that is easy to understand.
  • Free beginner video tutorials.

They also have stuff that is helpful for more experiences WordPress uses too!

  • Great WordPress plugin recommendations.
  • List of all the tools they use for their own site.
  • A ton of tips for advanced designers !

We hardily recommend

Podcast Answer Man


Have you been dreaming of creating your own online podcast?  Then, you definitely have to check out the Podcast Answer Man website.    It has everything you need to get started.  It includes:

  • Practical tips for beginner and experience podcasters.
  • Recommendations for podcast equipment (You can get great deals onsite.)
  • Training courses
  • Much more!

If you are interested in learning more about podcasting, we definitely recommend checking out the Podcast Answer Man!

KISS Metrics


Looking for great SEO tips and tricks?  Look no further than the KISS Metrics blog.  Sure they promote their product, but they also give a ton of free quality information as well.  Their fields of expertise include:

  •  Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks
  • Awesome Infographics that make difficult topics easy to understand.
  • Social Media Marketing Guides
  • Much more!

If you want to learn more about SEO, definitely make your ways to the KISS Metrics blog!

Church Mag

Church Mag’s tagline is “Exploring the intersection of Church and Technology.”  This site definitely delivers.  It is one of my favorite general Christian technology websites out there right now.

  • It gives a ton of practical website tips.
  • It offers unbiased app and product reviews.
  • It also has a number of interesting articles on how Christians should relate to technology.
  • It’s podcast gives a number of practical tips for church, pastors and lay believers.
  • I has tons of thought provoking articles on current hot topics.

If you are Christian and love technology, you will definitely want to check it out!  Click here to go to!